Wood Sculptures by Marian Hetea

About Marian Hetea
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Marian Hetea

"My name is Marian Hetea, I am 60 years old and live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I spent my life at the design drawing board, but my great passion is giving different shapes to pieces of wood. I love this material, its smell, energy and the life in it, I communicate and collaborate with it.

With a few chisels, patience and a little polish I reveal what I see hidden beneath the surface of the branches, planks or pieces of wood that other use to make fire.

Many times I'd like to shape more complicated forms, that are difficult to imagine, impossible to create, yet expressive, that's why I used the term "acrobatics" to express the essence of the linden branch that I prefer because it's easier to shape than others.

Marian Hetea
Several pieces of wood, an insignificant amount compared to what is wasted in the world, come to life in my hands and will last in time long after I'm gone - under names like "Melancholy", "Hydra", "Kiss", "Maternity", "Atlas", "Anxiety", "He and She", "Cyclop" and others.

I would like for each piece of wood that we pass by, to come alive and take a miraculous shape that makes us think and ask ourselves about the beauty of nature; that way our lives might become more beautiful ...
You can see the tools the artist uses in the image below.

Date and place of birth
March, 2, 1949, Cluj Napoca
Proffesional Activity
Gratuated Highschool in Cluj Napoca
He is now Retired
Plastic Artist, wood sculptor
Design Technician at "Tehnomag", Cluj_Napoca


* Over 110 works achived (wooden sculptures)

* Article published in "Semn" Magazine, numbers 3-4/2004, a magazine edited by the Students House of Culture (Casa de cultura a studentilor) of Cluj Napoca

* 21st of November 2005 - Debut exhibition at Alianta Artelor art gallery of Cluj Napoca

* November 2005 - Interview for Radio Guerilla

* 2006 - Two apparitions at local televisions in Cluj Napoca: "Alfa TV" - at the News, and "NCN TV" - at the "Different Stories" ("Povestiri altfel") produced by Sorin Grecu

* 3rd of April 2007 - collective exhibition in Targu Mures, Romania

* December 2007 - Article in "Agenda Clujeanului" Newspaper

* May 2008 - collective exhibition at "Cultural Pole" ("Polul Cultural") of Cluj Napoca

* March 2009 - personal exhibition at the "National Museum of Art" ("Muzeul National de Arta") of Cluj Napoca 

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