Wood Sculptures by Marian Hetea

Here is what critics say about Marian Hetea:

"The appreciation of a sincere and noble confession!"

     " In the diverse space of artistic reality in Romania, a discrete voice modulated his ululations by revealing a fascinating network of joints, from the structure of flexible wood logs, making obvious the strange hypostasis extracted from human and natural poetic universe. The author is Marian Hetea from Cluj Napoca, who found in the dialogue with wood fiber a stimulating comforting remedy to overcome the absurdity of physical deprivation. With a proverbial tenacity, with a rare sense of detail, finesse and the skill of a magian (...) he accomplished flued forms of holes and fills, arranged in a relentless impression of harmony and organic fluency. Generous pretexts were the basis for imaginative baseline of creative approach which has confirmed the embodiment of clear existential and suggestive of meaning germinative victory. (...) we perceive with satisfaction a unique opportunity to relax in the space of a privileged land, animated by the pleasant discoveries and revelations. A comprehensive exhibition will update not only a condition of the artist, but beneficial effect of appreciation that we give to exemplary behavior by sincerity and noble confession." (Prof. Univ. Negoita LAPTOIU)
"Marian Hetea cherishes a feeling of true friendship towards wood. The sculptor sets a temperamental agreement, in this complex creative process, with hidden references to art and will, which allows him to extract the true essence of wood and also a deep spiritual feeling. Knowing the qualities of various types of wood, the artist feels closer to the noble essence of lime trees, to the elegance of a branch, the suppleness and smoothness, but also the expressiveness of a stump or 'injured' phylums. This way, sculptor Marian Hetea can uncover motifs, always persuasive, which situate between Eros and Thanatos. Contemporary anxieties are converted into logo images, which archeologize, becoming simbols of deeply human basis.(...) "Tower of Babel", the pressure at which humanity and Earth itself is subjected. "Cyclop" and "Atlas" are weaving turbulent forms, tensions, geometry, createt by the artist with wood craftsmanship. In the creation of sculptor Marian Hetea there is the need for spiritual renewal, that has the corollary plastic innovation, which generously opens a horizon in which Eros is master. Therefore it embodies such amazing compositions chosen in a strange beauty and plastic accuracy, a comfort in the subtle succession of forms of "Breath", a metaphor - "Remember". (...) Tenderness towards the acceptance of excistance as the most enlightened part of the universe, "The World", so deeply placed in the Romanian soul, which the artist is archaic in a persistent reminder, we urge the emblems of the relationship between life and humanity: "The finite column " (Prof. Univ. Alexandra RUS)    

Exhibition at the National Art Museum of Cluj napoca, Roamnia

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Silvia Suciu, representative of the Gallery "Arts Alliance" in Cluj-Napoca declares that the artist bends with respect to the piece of wood, he thinks carefully about it, he comforts it with a chisel, models it with his eyes and finally gives birth to noble, delicate figures. In the work of Marian Hetea, a whole world materializes, comes alive, begins and ends as in a waltz with the piece of wood. It's a universe made of small columns and stand alone networks of an independent univers, which together give an absolute, individual and singular element. Labyrinth imagined and built of wood is constructed so as constantly feel the hand that guides us , as a loving parent, not to lose. It's an eternal "spring" in the artists work, extended through networks into "evolution" and rising like a "finite column". (Oana Corsiuc)

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